Aesthetic approach and Bio

I have been attending alternative schools since the elementary level. Institutions where arts; music, dance and visual arts, were an integral part of the curriculum. A graduate of the Science, literature and arts program at Sherbrooke College, I have continued this multidisciplinary learning process, which in turn lead me to the Fine Arts program at Bishop's university.

For a long time I considered science and art as two distinct fields.  However, through out the course of my bachelor’s degree, I came to realize the intricate links they possess. My personality and my training in different scientific fields make me very sensitive and perplexed towards the environment we dwell in.

I have a craving to explore dynamic relationships within their own settings, not solely between individuals but also with objects, works of art and ideas. How all these different things, such as sculptures, become actors and how they relate to the viewer. My approach is one of asking questions - not taking a position. I'm fascinated by the interplay between the viewer and the piece; by these in-betweens, to which we remain mostly oblivious. The installation titled "Interlignes", providers an example exploration of these interrelations forming in the multiplicity of seemingly similar, yet all unique faces.

I am influenced by neo-expressionism, urban art and in situ painting and sculpture. I like its rawness, its rough and crude aspects.  This is reflected in my work by keeping to a spartan aesthetic, staying close to the natural appearance of materials. As such I choose the medium for my pieces not only for their properties but also for their look and finish. Furthermore, I keep the technique and medium present. The influence of that current can finally be seen in the way I treat subjects, forms and objects. Paradox and duality are inherent in my works, exhibiting a violent creative tension along with a more classical sensibility. 

Contemporary art and my artistic approach lead me to intermedia, mostly installation and sculpture but also multidisciplinary creations.